Before i start working on your website please make sure you already have a domain & hosting.

(See Steps Below On Setting Up Domain & Hosting)

*Note: If you would prefer me to do all these steps for you, then just complete your order and note this in the order. (Additional $200 For This Setup.)*

Step 1: Select Domain And Hosting

Your online home starts with a domain name. If you don’t already own a domain, search now for one to purchase. An example of a domain name is “”.

 Hosting is what keeps your web domain live on the internet. Without it, you have no web management. See my recommendation below and choose a domain and hosting plan that best fits your needs.

My Recommendation:

Host Gator

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Get HostGator Here

Step 2:  Send Me Your Hosting Admin Information

Now that you have purchased  your hosting and domain through HostGator. You can send me your Host Gator username and password. (This is only for me to connect your domain and hosting to the website i'll be building. I won't have access to any personal information and you can fell free to change your password after my work is finished. If you are not comfortable with this idea you can click here and learn how to do everything needed to be done yourself.) Other then that that's all i need. Now see pricing and a package that best fits what you need for your website. Then call or Schedule to speak or meet with me to discuss your order.

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