Website Packages

Note: A Small non-refundable minimum deposit of $150 MUST be made before i can start a website!

Basic Website
  • 1 website with 1-5 pages
  • Mobile Friendly
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Super Advanced
  • 1 Website with 10-15 pages
  • Free Banner/ Header Creation
  • Free Logo Creation
  • 3 Website Revision (For small changes)
  • Mobile Friendly
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Hourly Rate: $40

Website Maintenance: $200/m

Learn More About Website Maintenance Below

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You can hire me to do web maintenance to your website once every month for $200 USD. This includes monthly changes, edits, or deletions to website such as; photos, videos, text, rearrangement of elements, pages, etc. Why hire a web designer and pay them $1,500-$3,000 a month to design and maintenance your website when I’ll design it cheaply and maintain it for 200 a month? Its a no brainier! Note: Web maintenance is only optional if I designed the website or if the website is on a WordPress platform. Also a month to month contract must signed to insure payment. Contract can be cancelled at anytime but pay must be paid out if services was already done for that month.

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Important Notes!

A Small minimum deposit of $150 MUST be made before i can start a website!

Must already have domain and hosting, if not then contact me to get it setup or see "What You Need To Get Started"  page to learn how to do so yourself.

  • Any work OUTSIDE OF WEB DESIGNING such as; Photo Shop, Logo Designing, researching, fixing your content mistakes. etc will be charged hourly fee.
  • Any menu tabs or links you want displayed on your page are considered "pages" since they lead to another page.

Add Ons: Additional Service Charges Not Included In Package

  • Website Maintenance: $200/month
  • Website Revision: $50 per revision
  • Hosting & Domain Setup Fee: $100 (Only charged if i set this up for you.)
  • 1 Additional Custom Page: $50
  • 1 Additional WordPress page: $25
  • 1 Logo Design: $20
  • 1 Banners/Header Design: $20
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Accepted Payments

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7-Day Service Warranty

After my work is complete, i will contact you and you can tell me anything that you would like different or changed. After order is final, you have 7 days from then to contact me for any slight changes or edits. Any mistakes or issues made to your website by my hand is fixed 100% for free. NO REFUNDS are given once work is complete. 


Frequently Asked Questions 


Q: How long do i have to wait till my website is finished?

A: On average it takes me 1-3 days to get a website done but sometime it really depends. Terms of how long it will take for your website to be finished will be discussed when i contact you after your purchase or during a consultation. 

Q: Can i discuss web designs and ideas before purchasing?

A: Yes, you may schedule a free consultation before ordering a web package if your not sure what to order or have general questions before purchasing.

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